Most of these sites are pure junk. However, there are some owned by reputable admins who pay real money and pay on time.

A penny doubled everyday adds up quickly. PTC sites can help you to make some extra cash every month.

As I find other worthy PTC sites, I will add them to this page.

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 My Top Paying Sites

Trusted, Paying, Reliable PTC Site
Cheap Upgrade. Earn 7 levels Deep. Daily chances to win cash up to $5.00

Owned By Brian Rooney, Traffic Wave owner. Trusted and paying daily!
Cheap upgrade with unlimited earning opportunities!

The Oldest and Best Bux. Trusted and Paying daily to its members
Best advertising resource!

Honest, reliable admin.
Always paying in time!
350000 members cant be wrong!

240,000 members cannot be wrong!
Paid up to $169,000 and still paying. Infinity earning potential!
Lots of ads to click even as a free member.

6. PTC sites owned by reputable admins

Incentria  : Same owner as Clicksia
PowerfulBux   : Same owner as Infinity Bux
BuxSecure : Same owner as Infinity Bux

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